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The Mental Side Effects of Dieting


This is one thing that the diet industry, weight loss companies, and online fitness gurus 'conveniently' misses out of all their ‘diets’.

The mental effects of dieting... and trust me it's a real issue!

When you start a new diet, at first things may seem easy and you may lose weight quickly, and then you think “oh gosh why haven't I done this before?”

BUT then a short time after, things get hard, you crave sugar, the exercise is taking a toll on your body, you feel exhausted and you have stopped losing weight – despite following these diets and eating low calorie foods, restricting snacks, and going hard at the gym.

But you keep going, hoping that you will get back into that ‘honeymoon phase’ that you were in at the beginning of this diet.

But it doesn't happen, not only are you tired and hungry, but you start to notice that you're in a constant bad mood, you're irritable, you're having trouble sleeping, you may start to feel brain fog or forget things, or begin to fear certain foods you were taught are off limits, and when you do eat them, you panic and a surge of guilt comes over you and you punish yourself with extra exercise or eating less the next day.

These are just a few of the mental effects that dieting can have on you... and these are the things the diet industry doesn't tell you... and this is what creates a society of disordered eating individuals who continually buy into the industry, because they keep you thinking "well maybe another diet, product or routine" is for me.

NO - this is exactly what they want you to think, they don't care about the mental effects it has on you, because you will try again and continue to buy into new ways to 'lose weight' or 'get fitter'.

The positives about starting this journey with the support of a therapist allows you to understand yourself before your weight loss or fitness journey, you learn to take care of yourself, see the warning signs and most importantly be safe.

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