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Corporate Workshops

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Do you need a host, speaker, podcast guest, workshop delivered, content for an event?


Do you run a business or work for a company that looks after the wellness of the staff? 


I deliver talks and workshops at events, festivals and for companies to inform and support employees and customers. Talks can be tailored and designed to suit the needs of you and the business, first steps are to book a corporate call in to discuss how I can best support you and make your event amazing. 


**All workshops can be delivered online or in person**


Popular talks topics are:

  • Eating disorders the basic must knows

  • Weight loss and dieting 

  • Why you over eat, restrict, binge eat, emotional eat

  • Inner child support

  • Positive Psychology and how to use it

  • Body image/ body dysmorphia issues

  • Effects of dieting 

  • How to improve self worth and confidence

  • Raising intuitive eaters with body confidence 

  • Teenagers and body image 

  • Nutrition 

  • Nutrition and kids

  • How to increase self worth

  • How to achieve body goals

  • Get moving and exercise

  • Relationship to yourself , your body and food

  • Relationships to people

  • How to cope with stress and over eating 

  • Sex and body image


I also offer partnerships with companies to offer that extra support.

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Some recent companies I've worked with

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