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Client Success Stories

"I have just completed the 12 week program and I can’t believe my results and progress. Physically I feel amazing, I am lighter (lost 1 stone) and have so much more energy. 


Mentally I am in the best place I have been in for years, I wake up everyone positive, looking forward to the day and what I have planned rather than thinking about food and my body all the time.

I have stopped restricting my food intake and all my awful binging habits have gone. I went into this with the intension of fixing my relationship with food and not to lose weight however that has happened anyway.


I have gained so much from this program, tools and techniques I wish I had learnt a long time ago that I will practice for the rest of my life.


It’s the best investment I have ever made, thank you Elle."

Annie, Toronto, Canada

"I have been a yo-yo dieting for over half my life, I have tried them all and have never had long term success. One day, I thought to myself how can this be the only way, this is when I found Elle.

Our weekly sessions were a real eye opener, I will admit I doubted the process and felt like I could not carry on. But I stuck to it and quite late on in the sessions I started to understand. I had moments where I felt I was eating too much, and I could feel my old habits trying to creep back in. But I did not allow it.

I have come away from these 12 weeks understanding what my body needs from me and moving on from stressful situations. Elle is just amazing, I really looked forward to our weekly sessions she makes you feel at ease and her advice is always amazing. I am so excited about the future and my new relationship with food.

Thank you lovely lady x"

Alice, HR Consultant, Devon

"I reached a point with my disordered eating and enough was enough. I was in a constant diet and binge cycle and it was making me feel not only slightly crazy, but really down. I discovered Elle on Instagram and seeing her profile was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  I’d seen programmes running for 6 months, and I felt slightly overwhelmed at this length of time. But Elle’s 12 week programme is perfect.


Spending 12 weeks with Elle has changed my life.  My cycle of diet and binge is now almost non-existent.  I have a much healthier relationship with food and am really working hard, using the tips Elle has given me to continue to eat intuitively and listen to my body and my feelings.


Elle really takes the time to answer any questions along the way, including the weekly 1 hour session she is always on hand with advice or words of support.


If you are remotely struggling with food, diets, binging, undereating and all the horrible, disordered eating diets bring, investing in Elle is a decision I wouldn’t hesitate to make. 


Do if for yourself, the future you and the life you want to live. I guarantee you will start to enjoy your food, learn to listen and nourish your body, exercise and being in the moment with food. I NEVER thought I would reach this point, I used to read other people’s testimonials and think I was the exception to the rule, I’m not!


I cannot thank Elle enough for giving me the gift of understanding intuitive eating and continuing to learn. THANK YOU, ELLE xx"

Zoe, Birmingham

"I've had a binge/restrict relationship with food for as long as I can remember.

After having a baby I knew I needed to get some help to face some demons. 

My journey with Elle has been one of the best things I've ever done.  I feel my life is calmer and so much less chaotic now.  It's helped to change my relationship with food and the way I see my body, but most importantly, the way I see my inner-self.

Thank you for everything Elle,  I'm so lucky to have had the chance to work with you."

Issy, Devon


“ I have just finished my 12 week plan with Elle and I didn't want it to end!! I just wanted to take this time so say a massive THANK YOU to you Elle! You have completely changed my life and I'm probably the happiest I have ever been and its all thanks to you!! I am honestly forever grateful for you. You must feel so great being able to change people's lives the way that you have done for me."

Lucy, Finance, Exeter


"Elle was the person who helped me with learning how to heal and changed my relationship with food/my body and opened my eyes to life long habits. I couldn’t of done it without Elle. For me it's been a life changing course and has completely changed my relationship with food and myself. I have spent years of having a really unhealthy and negative body image and relationship with food, I thought I had stopped the obvious bad habits but while working with Elle I healed so many more parts of me which improved my relationship with myself and food so much more."

Jamila, Model/Dancer, Mexico 



"I cannot Thank Elle enough, I am living a very different life now than I was even 12 weeks ago. Elle completely understands, I never felt embarrassed to tell her things I have never told anyone. She made me feel normal and so comfortable, i never wanted our sessions to end and I left feeling really positive every week. Elle explains things in a way that is so clear, she made me learn and understand things about myself and society I never knew before. I have stopped dieting, I have lost weight, I have started exercising, and I have even started dating again which is a big step forward for me. Healing my relationship with food and my own body image has transformed my life and I would never of believed that possible before."

Emma, Nurse, London



" I am so happy I found Elle, she has helped me come on leaps and bounds already. In all honesty, I didn’t think anything was going to help me. I have finally stopped binge eating and restricting food, I have stopped turning to food to overcome my emotions. I love myself more than I ever have done and I am excited about the future and continuing on what I have achieved so far. Thank you Elle!"

Louise L, Sales Manager, London


" I can't Thank Elle enough for the support with my relationship with food. I had tried all kinds of diet but following Elle's advice has really helped me move forward."

Janet, Commercial Director, London 


"I never thought id heal my unhealthy relationship with food , I assumed I would be on

a diet forever however after seeing Elle for 3 months I feel amazing and free. I am enjoying 

life again , I don't feel depressed anymore and I've stopped letting food rule my life.

Jade , Exeter


"I have suffered with emotional eating for years which lead to binge eating all the time and then hating myself , Elle has taught me techniques I can use to stop turning to food and eat mindfully and intuitively. I am in such a better place now which I never thought possible. its been a hard journey but totally worth it"

Sarah , nurse , Exeter 


"So I have struggled with food for quite a few years and I had always thought I'd just deal with it because there's nothing that will be able to help me. I followed the same cycle of 1 week obsessing over eating or limiting particular foods and this diet absorbing my thoughts 80% of the time. Then, I would have a day where I would allow myself maybe a cake with my coffee or something I had labelled bad food and then that would be it! And I would begin a binge which would last anything from 2 days to a week until I would manage to fall back into the beginning of the cycle and continue looping this week by week by week. Anyway, long story short, I didn't share my difficulties with anyone as I felt a lot of shame about it and embarrassed but I ended up reading about some binge eating disorders etc, and I came across Me, Myself and Her. I decided to just give Elle's program a go because what did I have to loose?! I was pretty much feeling defeated and exhausted by my relationship with food... I am so pleased I took the step to try and do something about my issues around food and diet etc, because Elle's support program has been hugely beneficial, helping me to stop and think more about the thoughts and feelings that are going on for me underneath the surface problem of food as food. I never thought I would see the day of sharing my problem with someone else too as it was such a private thing for me, but I cannot say how much it has helped to let Elle in with what's going on for me and to have her supporting me through this with her guidance across the program. I feel stronger and more in control and although this isn't something you can just click your fingers and be free from, I am certainly feeling less alone and more empowered  in my relationship with food. Life is feeling less controlled by food and the reflections I did in Elle's program are a constant reminder to me that I've got control of this and keep me moving in the right direction. I can absolutely say that Elle's program has been invaluable in helping me build and maintain a healthier relationship with myself, my body and with food."

Olive , Bristol


"Elle has changed my life and I’m so glad I took the plunge and started this journey.
I have always been overweight, I’ve always had bad habits with food, been an emotional eater (any emotion!), I would binge eat at least once a week, I would restrict in the day by eating 2 coffees and 2 biscuits so I could eat loads of bad food at night.
That has all changed since my journey started with Elle. I don’t even know who that person is now! I’m breaking habits of a lifetime, eating more nutritious balanced meals, enjoying the gym and self care, I’m more in touch with my spiritual/emotional side which has also helped me in my home and family life, I’m happy being me, I can look in the mirror and love myself and I don’t binge!!!"

Rachel, Devon​



"Elle's been so amazing. I’ve struggled since childhood with various eating disorders & Elle just gets it & has put me on the road to recovery finally at the age of 38. I’m so grateful for her giving me hope that I’m going to have a healthy future with food and she's teaching me the tools to be able to carry this on after my treatment has finished I highly recommend this clever and talented coach."

Cheryl -Exeter


"I was so nervous to start the 12 week program because I knew I had some deep rooted issues I had to face up to and the investment. I have always struggled to invest money into myself so that played on my mind until my first session with Elle and then I knew this was the best thing I will ever do ... and I was right. If it wasn't for Elle my life would be so different right now, I am free and living my best life. I am even dating again which is a huge achievement for me."

Katie - London

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