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Who Are We

VIP day

Join Elle for a half or full day immersion this can be in London, Exeter or at a location that suits you or we do a virtual VIP day. Together we will deep dive into your world and your life so far, what is stopping you from becoming the greatest version of yourself.


We’ll start with the core and often root issue of low self worth, food and our bodies then ill guide you through an 8 step healing and expansion session where we will push you outside of your comfort zone and really unearth what is happening for you and how you can break these cycles and step into your truest most powerful self.


All this while drinking unlimited tea, coffee and softs, we'll break for a yummy lunch/dinner and can also add in additional therapies/activities (to be discussed).

Book your discovery call below

Book your call below and we can discuss further about your VIP day!

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