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Lucky girl syndrome......

Have you heard of lucky girl syndrome?

It’s currently trending and taking over the internet but what is it?

It's part of the whole manifestation and law of attraction process, it’s the part where you use affirmations to talk and think things into existence and if you can combine that with visualising it as well this practice will be very powerful.

So what are affirmations, they are positive statements that can help raise your mood initially and give you some belief in yourself and your goals, they can challenge you and help you overcome that inner critic, the self-sabotage and the ego that allows you to sit with negative thoughts. This can feel very difficult and icky to start with especially if you have low self-worth and don’t believe that your dreams are possible however when you repeat them often, and eventually believe in them, you can start to make positive changes. Some feel the effects quickly and some take weeks or months depending on how deep routed your beliefs are.

Here's how these positive affirmations can help you, the science bits: Lucky girl syndrome isn’t a new concept, the niche affirmations, however, are EG, “I am lucky” “ everything works out for me” “I always get what I want”

Positive affirmations have been around for a while and are part of CBT cognitive behaviour therapy which says that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are all connected and influence each other research has shown there are many benefits and I can personally say affirmations was one of the main things that improved my mental health and healed my eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Some of the benefits are decreasing stress, boosting confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem, increasing motivation for solutions or personal challenges, improving memory, feeling in control and capable, giving you the mental strength to overcome trauma, and elevating your mood and overall happiness.

Negative thinking is learnt and can therefore be changed, you can teach yourself to positively think. If when you say these affirmations, you are also attaching them to a feeling / visual creates new neural pathways in the brain which leads to behaviour change. If you are someone who has a lot of negative thinking, then you can override these old neural pathways and rewire your brain with positive programming. The more you do these the stronger those neural patterns are and the easier it is for you to truly believe in them and maintain these new beliefs.

Can anyone use this… YES absolutely anyone, in my experience of working with thousands of women you must get over the initial awkwardness and have consistency.

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