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Welcome to "More to Life - Weightless," an enriching retreat crafted to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, transform your relationship with your body, and redefine your approach to food! Join Elle Mace and Shona Manderson for a rejuvenating 4-night escape in a luxurious villa surrounded by tranquility and calm.


Throughout your stay, immerse yourself in empowering workshops and activities designed to elevate your self-worth, amplify confidence, and conquer imposter syndrome by Elle Mace and Shona will be guiding you through unique yoga classes twice a day to release those endorphins, connect and challenge your body.


Take advantage of the exclusive early bird offer of £200 to secure your spot and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Stay tuned for further details, and seize this opportunity to unlock a lighter, more fulfilling life at my "More to Life - Weightless" retreat! 


Early Bird - £949

Full Price - £1299

More To Life Weightless Retreat

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