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Do you feel out of control with food? 

Do you calorie count? 

Do you emotionally eat or binge eat?

Do you start diets only to fail them?

Do you put off social occasions? 

Do you label days good and bad? 

Is your relationship with food and your body holding you back from your dreams and relationships?

If yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place – trust me I’ve been there! Refraining from beating yourself up is the first step in overcoming your unhealthy food habits. 97% of diets aren’t successful and you can lose unwanted weight without having to diet.

No diets. No rules. No taking things away from your life. 

It's time to invest in you. 

My Services 

1:1 Coaching 

A 12-week transformational programme incorporating intuitive eating, finding food freedom, replacing unwanted habits with new ones and improving body image.   

Group Coaching  

A 12-week transformational programme within a group setting. The 12 modules incorporate intuitive eating, finding food freedom, replacing unwanted habits with new ones and improving body image.   

Online Course 

A 12-module transformational programme set at your own pace. The course fits around your busy schedule and puts you in control. Coming soon.   

My 12 Week Programme

12 Weeks to a New You

Covering nutrition, intuitive eating, finding your purpose, healing, and getting to the root of the cause of your current habits, my programme guarantees a 180° transformation in your life.

You will receive 12 x 1:1 sessions, 12 work modules, a weekly check in and lifetime access to the Me Myself and Her Facebook community where like-minded individuals have embarked on similar journeys.


It’s not going to be easy, but if you are prepared to work hard on yourself, you can be free from:

  • Feeling out of control around food

  • Body shaming 

  • Constant failure

  • Continuous dieting

  • Being a victim of "all or nothing" mentality

  • Negative self-belief

  • Binge/emotional eating

  • Obsessing over food

  • A restrictive life 

The individuals who have been through the 12-week programme have reported how:

  • Their body confidence has skyrocketed. 

  • Their relationships with partners, children, friends, and colleagues have improved. 

  • Self-care and self-love are now a priority.

  • Some have found the strength to quit jobs they dislike and relationships that don't serve them anymore.

Are you ready to change your life for good? 

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Meet Elle

My name is Elle I am a master practitioner in Eating disorders, Body Dysmorphia, nutrition, obesity & weight loss. 

I am also a L5 coach and mentor, positive psychology coach and completing my hypnotherapy qualification.


Meet Ruby

I'm Ruby, I am a registered nutritionist with a passion for helping others take control by taking a journey inwards. I believe in taking a holistic approach to create a sustainable lifestyle change, towards self-love and sustained enrichment.


Testimonial - Elle Mace
Testimonial - Elle Mace
Testimonial - Elle
Testimonial - Elle Mace
Testimonial - Elle Mace
Testimonial - Elle Mace

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Here you can listen to me discuss intuitive eating, finding food freedom and how to raise children as institutive eaters 

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