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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I struggled with binge-eating and feeling not good enough. Now, I'm on a journey to teach food freedom to others

Elle Mace in her kitchen.

I'm Elle, a ILM Level 5 Coach and Mentor, Intuitive Eating Coach, and Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss Coach.

Previously I have been a personal trainer and aerobic instructor and I have always been passionate about health and fitness. However, for years I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food.

My unhealthy relationship with food started at the age of ten when I received comments about being fat. This kick-started years of disordered eating.

Looking back, I wasn't fat at all, but at that age you believe anything you are told. From then on, I started trying to starve myself and then naturally, I started to struggle with binge eating. This was when I started to gain weight.

The day I tried to stop eating was the day I started to gain weight.

I should have never of messed with my body and if I hadn't fallen into the trap of thinking eating as little as possible would make me thinner and more likeable, I would never have gained the weight I did. The more I restricted myself, the more I binged and the more weight I gained.

I feel so angry that a couple of comments led to years of me abusing my body and struggling with my self-confidence. I struggled at school and college because I was constantly running on an empty stomach, or my mind was full of shame and guilt.

My objective would be to get through the day with eating as little as possible. I remember one day I ate two satsuma's while doing a full day at school, and then playing in a netball match.

Fast forward a few years... and I decided that enough was enough. I had to free myself from the food demons and fall back in love with my body!

It wasn't an easy journey and it took a lot of strength, determination, and self-care. It is simply not just going on a diet!

I'm incredibly passionate about spreading the word to women, men, and children that there is another way.

I now use my experience, qualifications and knowledge to help others heal their relationship with food, their bodies, and most importantly, themselves.

Are you ready to join me on an adventure to finding food freedom?

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