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Let’s Talk Sex And Body Image

Holding and having a negative body image can seriously affect your libido and feelings of sexual desire, and even the ability to become aroused.

When we have a negative body image, we often have a disruptive relationship with food, which is usually the leading cause of the negative body image, so it's much like a cycle, continuously reinforcing one another.

There are two main ways in which body image can affect and cause you anxiety when it comes to intimate time with your partner

1) How you feel about your body

2) How you believe your partners see’s your body

If you’re not sure weather your body image is affecting your sex life, check out these common examples below:

· You prefer doing it in the dark/avoid intimate times in the light

· You don’t do certain positions because you worry about how your body may look to your partner

· You get undressed under the covers

· You worry what your partner is thinking about your body

· You don’t believe your partner when they say nice things about your body

· You keep some clothes on to hide parts of your body

· You feel anxious when your partner touches certain parts of your body

If you recognise one or more of these anxious thoughts as something you do, and you want to help your sex life, and you have a negative body image, here is what you can do:

As scary as this may be, you need to work with this. It is important to move towards the thoughts and find ways to heal this part of you.

This can be very hard to do by yourself, so reaching out to a professional can make your journey more effective and safer. This issue is more common than you may realise, so don’t be ever embarrassed.

If you want to heal your relationship with your body, and begin to have a healthier and happier relationship in the bedroom with your partner, click here to book a free call with me and we can discuss how to begin you on your journey to self-love and self-confidence.

Elle Mace

Therapeutic food and body coach

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