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How to get over rejection?

Are you getting frustrated with yourself for people pleasing and feeling hurt when someone rejects you?

We confuse being rejected as a personal attack when it can often be nothing personal but your request doesn’t suit the needs of the other person however we do not see or feel that so we move into imposter syndrome and doubt our self-worth which can then create unwanted beliefs and behaviours.

Rejection therapy can be used as a tool to cope with being rejected and help understand that it's okay to say no to yourself and others.

How does it work and where did it come from?

It is a social self-help game created by Jason Comely where you set out to purposely get rejected, which is the game's aim. For example, going up to a stranger in the street and asking for £100, you will most likely be rejected and feel outside of your comfort zone but in a controlled environment, this experience is allowing you to practice sitting with that uncomfortable feeling, building emotional resilience adapting physically to the stress and not taking it personally.

Social rejection increases anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy and sadness. It can also reduce performance with day-to-day tasks and can also contribute to aggression and poor impulse control,

There is a list of suggestions that you can try, some like to take on the 30-day or 100-day challenge but it can be played over any length of time.

The long-term benefits are

• Stop people-pleasing.

• Gain new skills

• Become more comfortable with embarrassment and awkwardness

• Caring less about what people think

• It reminds us we're human and it's ok to say no

• Opens up new potential opportunities.

Rejection therapy is on the rise but it may not work for everyone if you suffer from anxiety, depression or any other condition that may be heightened or increased to a level that feels too difficult it isn’t recommended. You may learn a lot from it but it's unlikely to immunise anyone completely and other therapies/healing work may need to be done alongside

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